Online FX for Small Business

Whether you operate a furniture import business, an online news outlet with offices overseas, or outsource customer service to an international call center, you will know that efficiently managing international payments is an integral part of your financial planning.

WUSMOnlineFX can help to simplify and streamline the international payments process, potentially helping you to save both time and money. 

To take advantage of these exciting features, simply create a free online FX account, which enables you to access our live customer rates and create personalized Market Alerts. After you have completed your profile and provided your business documentation your account can be activated and ready to send within 24 hours.

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Sample Scenario Two
Learn How a Computer Manufacturer Saves on Electronics Shipments

Using Online FX, Chicago based Extremetech inc. saves $36,336 USD a year on Japanese component imports—just by receiving a better exchange rate than with their bank.

Sample Scenario One
Understand How a Delicatessen Saves by Mitigating Risk

Gastronom delicatessen of London saves £3,096 GBP a year by using Online FX to draw down on a forward contract; savings they re-invest towards their French truffle supplies.

Getting Started

Let us take care of your international payment and foreign exchange needs, so you can spend more time on what is important—managing and expanding your business.

Online FX can help to make your international payments simple, fast, and efficient, by providing you with:

Transparent Real-Time Rates

Use our real-time rate quotes to lock-in your preferred exchange rate—we offer complete transparency, with no hidden costs, so you are never paying more than you need to. 

Payment Status Visibility

View your payment status and full payment history online, right from your computer or mobile device. Your recipient is automatically emailed once your payment has been sent. 

Risk Management Tools

Manage your foreign exchange exposure with simple risk management tools like bids and forwards*, which have the potential to protect your company’s profits and improve your cash flow. 

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*Bids and forwards are not available through the online platform. Once you have signed up and your account has been activated, please contact us to arrange these services.