Online FX for Sole Proprietors

Whether you own a home business that imports textiles from Italy, purchase raw materials from the Philippines to make custom jewelry, or source computer components from China for your repair store, you know that working with foreign suppliers can be essential to your business success.

WUSMOnlineFX can help to make your life easier by reducing some of the hassle involved with sending international payments, and potentially helping you to save both time and money.

To take advantage of these exciting features, simply create a free online FX account, which enables you to access our live customer rates and create personalized Market Alerts. After you have completed your profile and provided your business documentation your account can be activated and ready to send within 24 hours.

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Sample Scenario One:
See How a Jewelry Designer Saves When Settling Supplier Invoices

Emma's jewelry design business saves $7,680 a year by using Online FX to buy gemstones from the UK. She appreciates the transparency in the rates received.

Sample Scenario Two:
Find Out How a Tailor Saves on Textiles Imports

Robert's tailoring business saves $18,228 by using Online FX to pay his suppliers in Hong Kong—due to the better exchange rate.

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Let us take care of your international payment and foreign exchange needs, so you can spend more time on what is important— growing your business.

Online FX can help to make your international payments simple, fast, and efficient, by providing you with:

Payment Status Visibility

View your payment status and full payment history online, right from your computer or mobile device. Your recipient is automatically emailed once your payment has been sent.

Dedicated Customer Service

Customer service is available 24/7*, so if you have a problem, help is never more than a phone call away.

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24/7 Account Access

Sending payments online means that you can save time by avoiding the long line-ups at the bank, and send money whenever, and wherever, it is convenient to you.

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*Service available in English 24/7, for other languages please inquire.