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Amazing Spa Treatments Around the World

From a 20-hand massage to diamond facials, the sky is the limit for spa treatments across the globe. Here are some of world's most unique - and indulgent - spa treatments to help jetsetters relax in style during international travel.

Over-the-top Indulgence

"It is a very special place, a spa," says Sharon Ullrick, manager of brand marketing at The Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd. based in New York City, which also has a "Leading Spas of the World" brand that ranks among the world's top luxury hotel spas. "This is not an activity that you want to skimp on."

The Maia Luxury Resort & Spa in the Seychelles, voted the world's best luxury destination spa by the World Luxury Spa Awards, includes indulgences like a caviar and gold facial.

Couples can head to the opulent Spa Grande at the Grand Wailea, a Waldorf Astoria Resort in Maui, for a “20 Hands Duo Massage,” where 10 people massage a couple at the same time.

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Couples can head to the opulent Spa Grande at the Grand Wailea, a Waldorf Astoria Resort in Maui, Hawaii, for a "20 Hands Duo Massage," where 10 people massage a couple at the same time.

Enjoy Traditional Ambiance

Today, more spas are incorporating ancient traditions into their treatments, Ullrick says. The Ayana Resort and Spa in Bali offers a Seven Chakra Dhara massage, which combines Ayurvedic traditions with gemstone therapy and pranic healing, where Hindu massage therapists start by "visually projecting a 'color' out of their hands onto your body and chanting internally a sacred tone … to transmit universal energy for your body," according to the spa's website.

A hotel spa in Miami Beach's Hotel Victor garnered a lot of attention a few years back when it offered a $5,000 soak in 1,000 liters of Evian water.[1] In a case like this, the customer could use a trusted online foreign exchange service to send money online via bank-to-bank money transfers. Those seeking a more international experience can go to the home of Evian water itself, at the Spa Evian Source, in Evian-les-Bains, France, nestled in the foot of the Alps and on the banks of Lake Geneva.

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While there, visitors can indulge in a crystal therapy spa treatment that uses precious stones to align chakras during a massage.

Another fabulous spa treatment that's gaining popularity is a visit to a hammam, a traditional Middle Eastern bath, Ullrick says. For a gold-studded hammam treatment, visitors can head to the Talise Spa at the Madinat Jumeirah Resort in Dubai for a "24 Carat Gold Hammam Experience," which includes a "gold clay body mask" and a massage with "gold-infused precious oils."

High-tech Ways to Relax

Spa genomics, which is personalized genetic/DNA testing at the consumer level in spas, is becoming more popular, says Sallie Fraenkel, executive vice president at SpaFinder Wellness Inc., a spa and wellness resource. One manifestation of this trend is using a blood test to gauge spa-goers' telomere length. Telomeres are the protective caps of our chromosomes; shortened telomeres are associated with cellular aging and numerous chronic diseases, says Fraenkel. To experience this luxury, visitors can head to the Sha Wellness Clinic in Alicante, Spain.

As spa goers make international payments for travel costs, they can rely on the services of a trusted online foreign exchange provider to initiate bank-to-bank money transfers that can be initiated via mobile device. Plus, sending money overseas by wire will allow the funds to arrive in two to five days, which is perfect for last-minute booking.

[1] "Serena Williams Christens World's Most Expensive Bath, the $5,000 'Evian Experience' at SoBe's Hotel Victor," Feb. 25, 2005, BusinessWire

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