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  • International Money Transfer

    Sign up for Western Union® online foreign exchange service (Online FX)* to send amounts larger than $3,000 to your friends and family abroad.

    After your account is activated, utilize our real-time foreign exchange rate quotes to book a transfer, or get notified via email when/if your desired FX rate becomes available. We offer complete transparency, with no hidden fees, so you are never paying more than you need.

    *Services are provided by Custom House (USA) Ltd., doing business under the trade name of Western Union Business Solutions

    Online FX offers:

    • Large, international money transfers (no domestic transfers)
    • Bank-to-bank money transfers (no cash pickup)
    • Real-time foreign exchange rates
    • Visibility into your money transfer status

    *This is not a money-in-minutes service. All accounts must provide personal information and subject for transaction approval.

  • "I discovered that I could do all that I needed to do, really easily, fast, and with no service fees."

    —Leanne Abraham

    Leanne Abraham, Premierehire

    A globetrotting mom, and an expat for years, Leanne uses Online FX to manage her finances while living abroad and traveling to remote locations.